19th Floor (2024) Chinese Drama English Sub


Unconscious after a car accident, university student Chun Yu and her best friend Qing You mysteriously find themselves inside the dangerous world of a VR game. Several other people also unwittingly ended up here, and they soon discovered they were all involved in the accident – except for substitute teacher Gao Xuan, who claims to have fallen asleep. Seeing no other option than to play the game, they eventually beat the level and wake up … only to immediately return the next night. Faced with deadly monsters, puzzles, and mind games, the players have to learn to cooperate despite being unsure if they can trust each other. The pressure increases when it turns out that people who die in the game fall into a coma in real life. And then several more students are dragged into the game! The group spends their nights trying to survive the next level and their days investigating who is doing this to them and why. As they grow closer, friendships and budding romances are repeatedly put to the test by the stress of the situation and the evil machinations of the people behind the game…

Director: Cai Cong

Also known as: The Nineteenth Floor of Hell Di Yu De Di 19 Ceng 19 Ceng 地狱的第十九层 19層


Status: Completed

Release Year:

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